Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some reflections

I can see that some of my students are catching up with the blog creation. What's next?
I will like to see each of them present once I come back from my course. Each of them.

As for English, I have just started Campaign For Rewards or C4R. Well, I have plans to make students produce blogs too, but as options.

ICT classes, the Form 5 students have quite a lot to accomplish. I need to remind them to again identify the components of a motherboard. The Form 4 is actually doing the same thing.

Then again, I hope to remember doing things that I should.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Beginning of a New Blog

I'm laughing at myself, having forgotten my own username and password for my old blog! Age is catching up, I guess.

Anyway, just say that it is good for me to have a new blog dedicated especially for my work and my students' contributions. Mind you, these kids are more advanced than me especially in designing blogs.. Well, let's say that this is a new age of learning, knowledge is shared, as such I am not the sole reference of knowledge. No harm to let your hair down and say "my, you know this better than me...let me learn that from you..."

GTG, then.