Thursday, December 20, 2007

Web 2.0

Thanks to my friend, Norhisham, who has introduced me to Web 2.0. Some ideas on Web 2.0 in classroom.

Friday, December 14, 2007

PhD Comics

Found interesting comics on PhD:

Slides on PhD

How to use slideshare

I am learning how to use slideshare. Consider this as an experiment.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Starting PhD

This blog will deal a lot on how to do PhD for the coming months. I have just read an article on how to be a good gradute student by deJardins (1994), quite enlightening, especially to somebody new like me.

These are the tasks I need to do first:

1. If I have not found any topic area to do research on, then I have to look for books and current journals or conference to find out.
2. Then in doing research, I have to think of what to do EVERYDAY BY:
- read, read and think and respond as I read
- put any material I have found in a file and BUILD AN ONLINE BIBLIOGRAPHY (LIKE BIBTEX)
- stay motivated (set regular meetings with supervisor, attend conference and have EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES)
- important: SET DAILY, WEEKLY AND MONTHLY GOALS ( break down any project activities ino smaller, manageable
- Take ONE DAY AT A TIME...DECIDE TASKS THAT CAN BE accomplished even in an hour or less

SO I need to be discipline and have a planning file ot journal for my Research. As what I am doing in this blog.

Today, I completed reading an article...despite my morning sickness, WONDERFUL!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A fruitful day

I am feeling wonderful today, despite my morning and afternoon sicknesses. A prayer to God last night is answered.

Well, I went to ETD and met a few people. The best thing is meeting my long lost friend, Norhaida. Then meeting razman to discuss leave really puts me into alert. There are many things I need to complete as my preparation for Phd. BUT I found something good for me on Phd for beginners at:

So tonight, I will need to learn something from the site, good for dummies like me!!

I am paying a visit to Prof tomorrow, hopefully, God will give me another fine day like today, and my baby behaves!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

SOLO taxonomy

What have I learned during my Level of Competency Assessment course recently? I learned about SOLO Taxonomy.

SOLO stands for Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes, basically it is to measure the learning outcomes of your students. There is a very clear description of what outcomes this taxonomy has at the following link:

This page even categorised the five levels of learning outcomes into LO of quantity, and LO of quality. Good for you to think about what your students be learning from your classes. I totally go for the quality of it, meaning level no.5, yup, teachers should be teaching the students to grasp the concepts (so that they will achieve the intended learning outcome) and facilitating learning beyond the intended, like of level 5.

In a short description, learners should be learning FOR LIFE.

Beneficial course-cum-assessment to attend, even if it nearly "killed" me with the stress!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Exhibition in PICC

Managed to complete the booth with the girls and cikgu Syed. We had many visitors, most were interested in knowing the activities done by the reporters.

A day of exhaustion

It's 10 to 11 and I can't hardly open my eyes. I've been going to and fro my school as I kept forgetting things. But..yes, mind you, there are matters and incidents that happened today THAT I CANNOT FORGET.

Whatever it is, I dearly would like to thank my two students for accompanying me since Monday. We have a project - an exhibition- to be completed. Sandra and Syafiqa are more than helpful...they have been angels!

I should also never should forget to mention about some of the ETD officers who have been very accommodating. Truth is, these people never failed to impress me with their care and courtesy.

So what have I learned today?

Kids can go beyond what you expect when given the chance. That goes well with Sandra and Syafiqa. The latter is making personalized chocolates to give away!! And Sandra for being very, very concerned with things that may not happen:)

Tight schedule does not necessarily make people less courteous. Would say that well to those from ETD. That's the spirit.

OH I DO LEARNED SOMETHING DISTURBING TODAY...I may have to pretend that I am so lowly foolish and the queen of stupidity to one person in particular...a person who never cease to make my life miserable. May God bless this individual with happy life as she is soooooo unhappy being herself!!

Well, penning off as my eyelids are rebelling against me...yaawwwn.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Road Less Travelled...a new journey has begun

The moment that I have been anticipating has arrived. I now at the beginning of a new journey where I can spend ample time doing things I love...creating ideas for the love of lifelong learning. I left behind a few projects that I need to improve on especially in my quest of making people realized the importance of embracing changes in the 21st century.

At least in many of my students I have taught in a couple of years, the notion of learning and individualization in learning have already invaded their minds. I hope that in future there will be more than few people among us that will not stress on learning for the sake of passing examination. I hope that the less preferred professions or careers will become a norm...and nobody is a FAILURE.

For the sake of future generations....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reflection 1

I have not been writing for such a loooong time! Well, I am out of words then!

It just dawn onto me that I the school holiday is just starting and I am NOT GOING TO BE TEACHING in my school anymore...It also makes me realize how I will miss my students dearly especially those who have made my years in S9 so wonderful and memorable.

Those students who never complained of the plentiful work I have dumped onto them; those who have ways of comforting me when I feel down and useless as a teacher; those who make me shed tears of joy and wonder...those whom I will hold dearly in my heart as long as I live.

Thank you and I will miss all of you.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some reflections

I can see that some of my students are catching up with the blog creation. What's next?
I will like to see each of them present once I come back from my course. Each of them.

As for English, I have just started Campaign For Rewards or C4R. Well, I have plans to make students produce blogs too, but as options.

ICT classes, the Form 5 students have quite a lot to accomplish. I need to remind them to again identify the components of a motherboard. The Form 4 is actually doing the same thing.

Then again, I hope to remember doing things that I should.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Beginning of a New Blog

I'm laughing at myself, having forgotten my own username and password for my old blog! Age is catching up, I guess.

Anyway, just say that it is good for me to have a new blog dedicated especially for my work and my students' contributions. Mind you, these kids are more advanced than me especially in designing blogs.. Well, let's say that this is a new age of learning, knowledge is shared, as such I am not the sole reference of knowledge. No harm to let your hair down and say "my, you know this better than me...let me learn that from you..."

GTG, then.