Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A day of exhaustion

It's 10 to 11 and I can't hardly open my eyes. I've been going to and fro my school as I kept forgetting things. But..yes, mind you, there are matters and incidents that happened today THAT I CANNOT FORGET.

Whatever it is, I dearly would like to thank my two students for accompanying me since Monday. We have a project - an exhibition- to be completed. Sandra and Syafiqa are more than helpful...they have been angels!

I should also never should forget to mention about some of the ETD officers who have been very accommodating. Truth is, these people never failed to impress me with their care and courtesy.

So what have I learned today?

Kids can go beyond what you expect when given the chance. That goes well with Sandra and Syafiqa. The latter is making personalized chocolates to give away!! And Sandra for being very, very concerned with things that may not happen:)

Tight schedule does not necessarily make people less courteous. Would say that well to those from ETD. That's the spirit.

OH I DO LEARNED SOMETHING DISTURBING TODAY...I may have to pretend that I am so lowly foolish and the queen of stupidity to one person in particular...a person who never cease to make my life miserable. May God bless this individual with happy life as she is soooooo unhappy being herself!!

Well, penning off as my eyelids are rebelling against me...yaawwwn.

1 comment:

Alia Liverpool said...

u never a foolish person..
u're a genius!

spill the beans..
who is that person?