Thursday, December 13, 2007

Starting PhD

This blog will deal a lot on how to do PhD for the coming months. I have just read an article on how to be a good gradute student by deJardins (1994), quite enlightening, especially to somebody new like me.

These are the tasks I need to do first:

1. If I have not found any topic area to do research on, then I have to look for books and current journals or conference to find out.
2. Then in doing research, I have to think of what to do EVERYDAY BY:
- read, read and think and respond as I read
- put any material I have found in a file and BUILD AN ONLINE BIBLIOGRAPHY (LIKE BIBTEX)
- stay motivated (set regular meetings with supervisor, attend conference and have EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES)
- important: SET DAILY, WEEKLY AND MONTHLY GOALS ( break down any project activities ino smaller, manageable
- Take ONE DAY AT A TIME...DECIDE TASKS THAT CAN BE accomplished even in an hour or less

SO I need to be discipline and have a planning file ot journal for my Research. As what I am doing in this blog.

Today, I completed reading an article...despite my morning sickness, WONDERFUL!!

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Maznah said...

Yup PLAN and DO! I like the idea of you keeping the daily reflection of your PhD journey. My frustration is that my students are not interested to keep a record of their travel...