Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get things right!

Too many things in my mind now, having started a personal reading program on research and also defining the meaning of curriculum. I have yet started my literature review seriously, still, I managed to find a few good and latest article in current trends of educational technology.

It bugs me greatly to know that they are practitioners who claim that technology have done wonders in teaching. Personally, it is not the technology that does magical transformation but how the teacher/ trainer integrate technology into his or her teaching processes. A good foundation on the trends of technology in education through reading should be the answer. The emphasis by instructional technologies worlwide is now on "technology-enhanced instructional designed learning environment" as such the technology or media should not be evaluated or looked into in isolation. It has to be with the approches or methods used together with the technology. As what Prof Raja said, "it should be the people that we teach first", not thinking about which technology we are using before knowing the problem of the learners.

So, my research will be what problem my learners are facing now, in school? I am thinking about the lack of soft skills being planned and integrated in teaching and learning. Ad I am thinking of the common practice of ICT integration with all the facilities provided by the Ministry. Combined with the claims of Web 2.0 that can facilitate communication and collaboration eith no boundaries. Hmmm, that could make a good current research in terms of developing modules. Yet, will be current enough in another 2-3 years? That one I need to think again!

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