Sunday, January 27, 2008

Skills for sustainable future

I am still searching for what would be the skills needed by our young generations for their future. I started off with the word "sustainable future" and am still reading about them. What I can see is that sustainable future is mostly used in environmental education. So what is the scope for environmental education? Still am searching too.

I found a sample of book in the Internet: "Studying Society and Enviroment: A Guide For Teachers" that explains the meaning of sustainable. What catches me is the 3 Strategies that needs to be applied in educating the youngs for the future:

1. "balance of emphasis in education between reproducing existing social system and promoting social change";
2.development of teaching and learning processes that stresses on "moral virtues, ethical discernment, learning how to learn, reflection, creativity, civic mindedness, and the motivation and abilities to work with others" in building sustainable future; and
3. Focusing on the school as "a sustainable community and seek to provide the students with practical experience in building sustainable school."

I start of now I understand that if I would like to refer the skills for our future as "sustainable future skills" I may need to define and have a list of the skills required.

Hmm...still a long way to go!

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