Thursday, January 31, 2008

On Smartboards

I may get a smartboard for my school if I can explore the usage, train others to use it and carry out a research especially on the effectiveness of using smartboards as a learning tool.

So much of doing a teaching module huh:) So probably I need to find out what would the teachers benefit from using the smartboard IN RELATION TO THE TOPIC I INTEND TO RESEARCH ON.

May be, I can still design something for teachers, but use the smartboard as an added or the learning tool for, there's a lot to do!! I wonder where do I go wrong in conceptualizing my ideas? Have I started a little bit narrow? Now my literature map has another added component - the teaching module, the future skills, the gap in EST syllabus, the use of web 2.0 ..and now the smartboards.

But I have found links to the use of smartboards, the thing that I like is that it is claimed that the smartboard can help in solving problems of lacking computer access. do I use only one smartboard with many learners? How high is the level of thinking that can be applied when using the board? How do I get to enhance my teaching by using the smartboard, other than for the sake of using the technology?

I need to explore.

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Eireen Camelia Rusli said...

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